I am a die-hard Los Angeles native and with that, filmmaking is in my DNA, so to speak. But seriously, I grew up with cameras all around me. My Dad was a documentary cameraman and my Mom was a writer / producer for the news. So, way before my first film job at age 12 lugging a heavy tripod in downtown Los Angeles for my Dad, I've always felt a connection to moving images, especially ones that feel unmanufactured.

In 1997, I commandeered my Dad's 16mm camera to shoot my first feature documentary, using a quote from DIY filmmaker John Cassavetes as the backbone to my indie rock exploration. That spirit of capturing something 'real,' has since taken me all over the world creating content for Google, Red Bull, Budweiser, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Citi, Squarespace, American Express, Levis, Craftsman, Acuvue, Last Call with Carson Daly and Vivo cell. 

At the end of the day, I truly love directing and working with people who excel and are committed to the craft of filmmaking. There's nothing better than an awesome group of people coming together to make something special. 

So, if you're reading this, let's do this!

(Oh yeah, I also love cinematography and do a fair amount of work as a dual Director & DoP...)  

CONTACT: justin @ justinmitchell dot com