Mckenna Grace - "LOSER!!" (Official Music Video)



What a wild ride! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve jumped in to direct a music video but you always come back to what you love. Had a blast joining forces with co-Director Lottie A. and the most kick-ass crew ever!!!

Special thanks to Eric W. and the Wild Honey Pie and of course - the talented McKenna Grace.

LOSER!! by Mckenna Grace:

"LOSER!!" written by Mckenna Grace, Kella Armitage and David Burris
"LOSER!!" produced by David Burris

Directors: Lottie Abrahams & Justin Mitchell
Producers: Alex Kennedy & Jason Marrs
Executive Producers: Eric Weiner and Lucy Dunning
Production Company: The Wild Honey Pie
1st AD: Quinton Couch
PA: Sean Jacobson
PA: Caroline Cole

DP: Spencer Mann
1st AC: Philip Hoang
Camera Support: Melina Psarros
Gaffer: Mike Williamson
Key Grip: Valfrie C. Tabian Jr
Swing: Bob King

Production Designer: Taylor Venegas
Set dresser: Natasha Parbhu
Stylist: Sarah Slutsky
MUA: Aaron Barry
Hair: Adrian Cobian

Editor: Natalie Hill
Colourist: Brian Niles

Julia Butters
Aryan Simhadri
Josie Reitman
August Maturo
Scarlett Esteves
Gizmo Fruitsnack DiCaprio